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1/3/07 - With redesigning this website, I decided to start keeping this record of new and changing elements to this website for my own benefit and for the benefit of my visitors. With the approaching new year (2007) came an idea to improve the overall appearance and design that would take weeks to complete. Due to the type of website and its contents, a plan layout was worked out, and it would take time and patience to complete. When the actual work began, it seemed to be an never ending job. As a results of all that careful planning and work, what you see now is the new design, and will be for sometime to come. This design and layout should help my visitor to navigate the pages better and easier than before, and give them the advantage of not having to deal with the Iframes that it was in for the first year or its existence.

With the redesigning of the website, came a new way to view the survey results, as I create it much like the GuestBook to make it easier for the viewer to reach those pages by changing the linking to match that of a GuestBook.

I added a calendar page for my viewers to keep track of the new poems to come, as I feel and know that my writers block will be lifted sometime this year.

There is a new page on the Elements of Poetry that I have been gathering the information on since 2004 and before. It is now completed and posted to this website to help other writers like myself who wish to create better poetry.

The Awards Program and Awards Programs Index were also redesigned to match the rest of the website. Though the link on the main website is no long available for the Awards Program Index, it can still be reach through the my Awards Program on the Memberships page.

Each section: Main Website, Awards Program and Awards Programs Index now have the Entrance page before one can view the contents of this website. There is no password requirement on any of the sections so that my viewers may view everything.

Created new buttons for the button links and reworked the links at the bottom of each page to reflect the new design and navigation systems of each section of the website.

Created new title images to reflect the new design itself and bring a happier appearance to the overall design.

The Poetry section is designed so that the viewer now has a navigation menu on one page with links to each poem. And each page of poetry is linked back to the menu page. For each new poem written, it will be added to the menu page.

Thus are the changes for this website to date.

1/8/07 - Corrected some linking errors in the AP Index section.

1/9/07 - Labeled the entire website with ICRA today.

1/29/07 - Found my image of the girl with the tipi today and created the title image with it. It is nice to have things back to more of a normal state.

3/12/07 - Remove the Survey and GuestBook from the site. They were not being used as I had hoped, and therefore, just something more to maintain. I sew no real purpose in keeping them any longer.

12/31/07 - The calendar page was updated to 2008.

3/28/08 - Removed the awards program.

1/9/10 - Removed the Calendar that was for helping my public keep track of my poetry writings. The poetry no longer seems to come to me.


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