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Poetry Written in 2000
Tiny Hummingbird
My Brother from Long Ago
That Look of Love and Approval
Soul Mates
My Truth Is Not Your Truth
One Voice Fading
My Sweet Mother Nadra

Poetry Written in 2001
Learning Quest Prayer
Yesterday Once More
The Sighting of My Buffalo
The Passing
The Eye of the Buffalo
Love and All Its Awe

Poetry Written in 2002
Ghost Rider
Happy Anniversary My One and Only Love
A Special Person
The Indian Within
Little Four Paws
Life's Turns
Visions & Dreams
The Closing End

Poetry Written in 2003
Gentle Souls
Bison Dreams
Deep Within
Loving Hearts
Ragging Battle
Spirit of the Buffalo
The Mighty Mack
One Moment in Time
The Haunting Bugle

Poetry Written in 2004
Happiness Is!
The Unknown
Sisterly Love

Poetry Written in 2005
I Hear Thunder
Suspicious Senses

Poetry Written in 2006
Unfortunately, I had writers block the entire year.

Poetry Written in 2007
Lost Heart
New Love
Love in Awe

Poetry Written in 2008
A Glad Heart New!

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