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My Poetry

I'm not a professional poet by any means, but I enjoy writing and poetry is an excellent way of getting across to others how one feels inside. So I decided to share those feelings and thoughts through my poetry.  Each poem is dated so that you know when each were written.  They are my writings, and are therefore copyrighted by me and me alone.  Please do not take any of the poems you see and read here without my expressed permission.

The poetry you're about to read was written from my heart and soul. They are something that I spent many hours at writing and sometimes even days...depending on what the poem itself it about. I have cut back on the poems published to this web site because there are just to many and some are on such a personal level that only I understand them.  There are still some of them here, but I felt it was necessary to leave them in order for the reader to know the poet better.

Though I have taken many off this web site, there are still enough that I feel you will enjoy reading.  The poems that are left, are about love, enjoyment of nature, kindness of others, and some are about my life experiences.  Others are meant to teach what I've learned the hard way, but each poem is from the heart and soul of my very being.  I do hope that everyone fines at least one that speaks to their heart and soul in some way or another.


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.