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A Glad Heart

Written by Morning Star (April 18, 2008)
All Rights Reserved


Glad Heart

It is a time of joy that makes the heart glad,

A time when all is right with Mother Earth,

A time when sharing becomes a delight.

Glad heart, take me where you may,

Bring me to a place where I should be,

As sharing only makes one wise with love to share.

As the years pass bye, my heart grows more,

As the sand of time takes its toll,

It is a time to share with joy the beauty all around.

Life's ups and downs turned into joy,

Life's surprises that turn a heart to gold,

For as life's ups and downs, we must grow.

I cannot say where my heart will lead me,

For I truly do not know,

But where it leads, I will go.

Ever happy in the life I have,

Ever knowing in the love I share,

As my time of joy makes my heart glad.

I meet new people with a smile,

I hold my loves one's dear to my heart,

Only to discover a new glad heart to unfold.

It is a time of joy to remember,

A time that makes the heart flutter,

For my glad heart I do know.

It skips a beat whenever it takes the notion,

It feelings the love from many yet to unfold,

It takes in all that comes its way.

A time of joy, love and laughter,

A time that only a glad heart can know,

A time that is perfect just because I know.

A time for new things to grow,

A place where all things will be,

A time of joy that makes the heart glad.

With spring in the air, and in my feet,

I find my heart ever glad for my life to unfold,

For time does not wait when it makes the heart glad.

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