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New Love

Written by Morning Star (April 6, 2007)
All Rights Reserved


The time for love is now,

While it is fresh within our grasp,

To take in its pleasures and grab each moment as never before.

The time for love is at hand for the young at heart,

Who seeks each others with open arms,

Grabbing and embracing each tender kiss that catches the heart.

As the spring brings the leaves and flowers,

So the new loves of the world embrace each other,

To love, cherish and hold for a life time to come.

Oh, how I remember those days of new found love,

Not willing to wait to see my life mate until another day,

And always watching through my window to see him coming my way.

Here I stand, seeing this in a dear niece just getting started,

Wondering just how we got to this point,

Yet having to accept that she's no long a child, but a full grown adult.

In her love for a very dear young man to her heart,

I wish them all the best in their life as one,

Knowing they will love each other every moment they can grab.

As they plan their wedding with excitement in their hearts,

I help them along with little things that means so much,

Knowing inside I can't turn back the clock.

I remember the times when she needed our help,

I remember the days when she was afraid to come out,

I remember the times of good and bad as though they were yesterday.

I've watched her blossom into the woman she is,

I've watched her blossom with a fond heart with love overflowing,

I've watched her grow all these years into a beautiful young woman.

Now that she grown, and about to take the largest step of her life,

I watch her with a glad heart for her new found joy,

Hoping that everything she's learned will help her through life.

Though to me she'll always be my little niece,

And I'll continue to love her as I always have,

It's hard to accept that she's all grown up.

All these words come with love and good wishes,

To tell her I love her no matter what comes her way,

As my dear little niece will always be special within my heart.

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.