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Love in Awe

Written by Morning Star (June 7, 2007)
All Rights Reserved


It's a time of wonder,

A time of memory,

A time to hold love with open arms,

Our love in awe continues as true as the sky.

Be what way to death do us part,

To love with one's heart,

To know it's true and dear to one's heart,

Two hearts joined together as one.

We share our lives with join in spirit and heart,

We give to each other as only two lovers can,

Filled with awe at every now turn,

Filled with love that only we can understand.

Through all heart ships we struggle on,

Holding on to the only one's that we can,

To endure the hardest of times,

To share in life's true joys.

Loving guidance for each other day to day,

Arm in arm to the very end,

Holding true to our promises from so many moons ago,

Seeking the true path in which we are on.

Overwhelmed with the pleasures and passions of life,

We travel a road meant for only the two of us,

To have and to hold to death do us part,

To believe in what's right for each others sack.

Though the road we travel be rocky and rough,

We remain on a steady course to our path of life,

Holding true to our hearts desires,

Making each passing moment count.

There are those who feel we are wrong for each other,

Yet, we're happy and still together,

Knowing only that our love is true,

And gotten us many moons of tender loving care.

We seek not to make our lives without the other,

We seek not to hold anyone else,

But stay on our path that has lead to love in awe,

Which keeps us young at heart for all to see.

Though we are battered and brewed,

As the path isn't always so smooth,

Our love has survived life's twists and turns,

To bring us only closer with time.

The hardest times remembered as lessons learned,

The best times remember as our love in the works,

As we travel our path to the end of time,

When both will meant again in the Great Spirits dominion.

Until then we enjoy our lives together as one,

Holding each other in arms of love,

Staying true to what is intended for two lovers,

Greeting each day of love with open arms.

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.