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Lost Heart

Written by Morning Star (January 8, 2007)
All Rights Reserved


An never ending sea of hopelessness,

Yet, there's hope from all around,

For better days and better ways.

A feeling down deep within to tell my love all is fine,

Though we see no end to problems unforeseen,

And we wait to see what comes our way.

As a lost heart gathers in it thoughts and dreams,

The unknown captures the heart in lost array,

As though to enclose the hopelessness that is felt.

It is a long road that we find no end,

A lost heart that fines no hope,

And to no avail, it loses the will to go on.

Heart so lost, come back to me,

I long to find what is missing,

Heart so lost, let the healing begin.

Though lost in this hopelessness the heart struggles on,

I find no purpose to where it might lead,

For lost hearts seldom find their way.

Ah, but wait, is that a light that I see,

For it shines ever so bright in the distance,

Maybe it has the answers I seek.

I follow a light in hopes that a lost heart can be found,

Yet, there are doubts that I cannot explain,

As it could be another dead lead.

Oh, but look my lost heart,

For in the distance I see,

My one true love waiting for me.

He awaits my return with open arms,

As though I were the song in his heart,

As I watch his arms open wide to me.

I guess I wasn't really lost,

For with one to love one is never lost,

Just temporary misplaced sort to speak.

I'm home and safe within my true loves arms,

Still feeling that same deep love that has always been there,

Lost heart, we still have what we seek.

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.