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I Hear Thunder

Written by Morning Star (September 9, 2005)
All Rights Reserved


There is a thunder that sounds off,

But I can hear it rage,

As it rumbles through my head.

Ragging battles of life,

How you make the thunder roar,

Ever hauntingly in my mind.

A time of hurt and pain,

A time of wondering to no end,

Rumbling thunder through my head.

There is no lightening,

Only thunder,

As it rumbles through.

There is no end to the battle,

There is only the pain at heart,

As the thunder rages on.

Things of present to haunt the soul,

Things of old to return,

With raging thunder that is untold.

It chases me where ever I go,

Ever present in my mind,

As it rumbles through.

A painful feeling,

A hopeful prayer,

Yet, the thunder rumbles still.

The worried look upon my face,

As each day passes,

With thunder heard within my head.

To no avail it rages on,

From where it come,

I do not know.

Raging thunder with no lightening,

It comes and go,

I hear thunder in my mind that haunts my very soul.


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