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The Unknown
Written by Morning Star (June 14, 2004)
All Rights Reserved

The unknown is something we have no answer too,

It sometimes haunts us until we know,

Yet, there are things there is no answer too.

We search our hearts to answer questions,

We look in different places to no avail,

Always searching for the unknown.

We may not always understand the answers we find,

For it isn't meant to be understood,

And we continue our search for the unknown.

To no avail we search and ponder,

Always coming short of the certain answer,

As again the unknown haunts us.

There are times the answer is never found,

Yet, we find other things to carry on,

As though it never really matter.

Then, one day it hits us,

The unknown wasn't unknown at all,

The answer was within us all along.

We settle into a new unknown to solve,

To ponder and wish to know,

Searching as we did for any other unknown.

Most found answers coming from somewhere within,

Each coming as we learn to listen to our hearts,

Knowing the answer is just around the corner.

We all fair the unknown to some degree,

Yet, we'll strive to know it just the same,

And then start all over again.

The unknown is just out there waiting,

It's calling us each by name,

And we meet the challenge with open arms.


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