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Sisterly Love
Written by Morning Star (July 18, 2004)
All Rights Reserved

It's ever so nice to have a sister,

One who cares as much as you,

Sister to sister friendship.

We do so much together,

We enjoy so many likes and dislikes the same,

Sister to sister love.

Though we don't always agree,

We talk to keep things right,

Sister to sister workmanship.

It's not easy finding friends who I can trust,

It's not east being close,

Yet, we're becomes sisters through special means.

I didn't see us becoming so close,

I didn't see us becoming sisters,

But now that we are it's certainly extra special.

We laugh together at small mistakes,

We enjoy our time together oh so very much,

It's like we know we're family.

Sisters who started out as just friends,

One afraid to open her heart,

One knowing that we needed each other.

Now we stand together as loving sisters,

Helping one another no matter what,

Sister to sister in many things.

It's nice to call you sister,

It's nice to call you friend,

But most of all, it's nice to say I love you as my sister.


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