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Happiness Is!
Written by Morning Star (May 24, 2004)
All Rights Reserved

Happiness is a roll in the grass,

Feeling loved by people who we know,

Finding a penny on the ground.

Happiness is being with our friends,

Giving a pet on the back for a job well done,

See our children laugh with delight.

Happiness is watching little birds eat,

Seeing a couple in love holding hands,

Being with good friends at the end of the day.

Happiness is holding your true love in your arms,

A puppy playing with a child,

A kitten purring.

Happiness is life lived with joyce pleasure,

Seeing new places for the very first time,

Gathering memories that will last a lifetime.

Happiness is helping another person with something,

Putting a lost child in the arms of his Mother,

Giving joy to others in small ways that makes them smile.

Happiness is just all in how you take things,

Whether you're giving or receiving,

It's the joy that any one thing can bring you.

Happiness is something make with joy,

Something nobody can steal,

It's just a moment that seems to last forever.

Happiness is the life that we have,

It's the little things that make life all worth wild,

It's just a matter of time before you find some yourself.

Happiness is the way a person smiles at you,

Happiness is the love of all you the things you know,

Happiness is what you make it!

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