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One Moment in Time

Written by Morning Star (June 11, 2003)
All Rights Reserved


It's just one moment in time,

When nothing seems right,

When the world seems to be crashing upon you.

It's just one moment in time,

And the world seems so distant and far away,

When all is looking its worst.

But when you see things turning around,

It's just to much like a dream,

And all you can do is disbelieve the truth.

Like a beacon in the night,

You find friends and neighbors who care,

Who are there even though you don't think they are.

And it's just one moment in time,

To share and love them for all they're worth,

To let them know you appreciate them so.

It's just one moment in time,

To hold out your hand in love,

To lead a helping hand to someone in need.

For the joy in loving is now shared and held dear,

For all the time a moment holds,

The good in being cared about and care back.

It's just one moment in time,

But oh how it spreads through the neighborhood,

Only to spread far and near.

It's just one moment in time,

And we must all share it at some point in our lives,

For it cannot be held to only oneself.

The love shared,

The joy felt,

The hearts enlightened.

Just by one moment in time,

To be there is something dear and wonderful,

For it's just one moment in time.

So share my friend,

And it shall come back to you,

For it's just one moment in time that must be filled.


This poem came from the love recently shown to my husband and I through friends and neighbors who we didn't realize even cared about us.  We are blessed by our Creator with good people all around us and who see needs that are difficult for us at times to take care of.  To these neighbors and friends...we say...thank you for everything you are doing to help us...we greatly appreciate everything you're doing.


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.