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The Mighty Mack

Written by Morning Star (April 19, 2003)
All Rights Reserved


I've seen a sight built to cross,

It stands tall and crosses water,

It length goes for miles.

I've gone across her and back again,

Just to say I've crossed her,

Just to say I know her windy pass.

She's a sight like no other,

She's leaves a big impression of the mind,

And sways in high winds.

I've seen her in pictures all my life,

But now I've seen her in real life,

And I long to see her one more time.

She's not a living thing,

She's not a flower that on can smell,

She's not even a someone.

She towers above water and earth,

Her lights can be seen for miles around,

And she leaves you in awe.

She stands on pillars to make her strong,

And held in place with bolts and cables larger than my arm,

But she's all so beautiful.

What is this might sight?

She's everything I dreamed she would be,

She's the mighty Mackinaw Bridge.

Her height is unbelievable until seen,

Her bright red, white and blue lights as big as my head,

And a sight I shall never forget.


The Mackinaw Bridge connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan in the United States.  It was opened to traffic in 1957.  The bridge is 5 miles long and was designed by David B. Steinman.  I saw it for my first time today as a birthday gift from my sisters-in-law and my husband.  Thank you for this joyful day of fun and awe.
Mighty Mack - Full View Mighty Mack - Night Shot


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