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Loving Hearts

Written by Morning Star (March 16, 2003)
All Rights Reserved


What I do and what I dream include thee...

There's joy in two hearts,

A shine that's caught by one another,

That's what loving hearts bring together.

Two hearts joined in agreement,

Knowing there are many who only dream,

Yet, these hearts live in harmony.

They share life's every wonder,

Only to see life different each shared day,

For these hearts are joined as one.

Though others only dream of love like this,

These two find their love still grows,

For loving hearts do unfold.

They share a life and common dream,

To see each other through all things,

To be together come what way.

Though life might not be all it seems,

They carry this to no ends,

To see their dreams fulfilled.

Where it ends no one knows,

But their loving hearts still grow,

Their hearts forever joined.

Time passes and their ages begin to show,

Yet, their loving hearts still grow,

And they've withstood the test of time.

They don't regret having their life together,

No, they only dream of the future,

For their love is true.


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