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The Haunting Bugle

Written by Morning Star (November 19, 2003)
All Rights Reserved

Bull Elk

There's a haunting sound in my mind,

That echoes through to my very soul,

Yet, it's not always heard.

The bugle comes from the living present,

And has been hard throughout time,

It leaves one in awe when it is gone.

It comes and goes from time to time,

It makes its haunting as a reminder,

To only haunt again another time.

This haunting bugle isn't what one might think,

For it comes from a living being,

Which makes the haunting seem even more real.

There's a longing in this haunting bugle,

To once again be free to roam,

To once again have its freedom.

Like all other living things that get caged,

It looks for ways to escape,

Only to find no way out.

The haunting bugle of which I speak,

Comes from one of the Creator's creations,

Who now lives within a fence.

His bugle haunting every living soul,

He calls for his mates and freedom,

He calls so that all will hear.

This sound is coming from the heart,

The bugling sad and lonely,

As the elks bugle haunts my very soul.

His voice carries to near and far,

Calling out of somewhere dark,

To tell us that he needs his freedom.

Though he has the bugle haunting,

No one heeds him any mind,

So he'll continue to haunt my soul.


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.