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Gentle Souls

Written by Morning Star (January 31, 2003)
All Rights Reserved


They say there's nothing a gentle soul to ease the mind,

But who ever dreamed that I'd know two,

So kind at heart and caring souls that one just can't resist.

They teach with love beyond all others,

They give of their hearts just to give,

And ask for very little in return.

I see beauty in these souls,

For all they do and all they see,

And everything they hold dear to them.

They only want happiness for others,

And feel bad when a friend is sick,

Then reaches out to them in an afford to help.

Though there isn't much they can do,

They'll try in every way they can,

To brighten the sick one's day just to bring a smile.

I cannot ask for better,

For they don't get any better than they,

And when I think of them, I think pleasant thoughts.

What truer friend can be then they,

For they only look to help and care,

For they are two gentle souls.

I'm glad we've met through whatever means,

I'm glad to call them my friends,

I'm glad to know their ever gentle souls.


Dedicated to very dear people who have brought me much learning and I them when I can.  May our Creator best you each special and always.  You help to keep me straight...keep me learning and seeing truth beyond truth...and for this...I thank you both.  My dear are special!


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.