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Spirit of the Buffalo

Written by Morning Star (March 27, 2003)
All Rights Reserved


Buffalo Spirit

He is proud and huge,
He is beauty that only few can see,
And he holds his head just so.

Some have said that he looks like the devil himself,
But I see an animal of the Creator's works,
Who has wisdom beyond my own.

Though it's be said that he's not really there,
They just don't see him as I do everywhere,
For with his size, you cannot miss him.

He represents a spirit strong and ragged,
He represents the old and new,
And he has a special beauty that I can see.

He has spirit that shows his straight,
He has spirit beyond all straight,
And it shows in his movement.

Oh, he's just as large as life,
And he's wise beyond his years,
Just look into his eyes.

What if he were long there to admire?
What if they had really wiped him out?
Would we wonder about him then?

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.