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Bison Dreams

Written by Morning Star (February 1, 2003)
All Rights Reserved

White Buffalo

It's not what some may think,

This I see in my dreams is just unique,

But they have a strong message,

That only hold meaning for me.

They're not all of bison who speak to me,

They're not all of sweetness to behold,

And they don't come all the time,

Yet, the message is all so powerful.

My bison speak of good or bad,

Some have happened and some have not,

It comes and goes just as time does not stand still,

And the message is all so clear to me.

Some say I'm crazy for feeling as I do,

Some say it's just all in my head,

Yet, I know my bison speak to me,

With messages that hold all so much truth.

I see a day where I am happy,

I see a day where I am sad,

Yet, I feel better days coming,

For my bison tell me so.

It's not a power that everyone has,

To see the white bison who stands so tall,

His head held high with pride,

Telling me that my life is about to change.

I see him clearly as though standing next to him,

He visits my dreams and I know him,

He's my protector, my angel of sorts,

He's the mighty white bison.

Now, call me crazy if you like,

But he's there watching over me,

I see him clear as day,

What's the matter with the rest of you?

He's my buddy and night companion,

He tells me of things that are coming,

Big and white, this beautiful bison,

My bison, my angel and my friend.

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