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Visions & Dreams

Written by Morning Star (October 29, 2002)
All Rights Reserved

Visions & Dreams

It's not the things, which I have learned,
That keeps my heart a float,
It's visions and dreams unknown to me.

As life and love carries to lovers into each other's arms,
My life is based on much the same visions and dreams,
Yet, I hold different values than most who dare to dream.

I've seen many things in life that make no sense,
Then, turned to other things that capture the heart,
Only to find something else that I hold much dearer to my heart.

When my visions start, I pay close attention to each,
They guide my path in life,
So that I see the things more clearly in life.

When I dream in my sleep, I take a vision to bed,
Yet, this dream teaches me valued lessons to learn as I go,
They hold a sort of truth that much is found.

Though I don't see visions and dreams as most,
They're clear as day for what I'm to learn,
And each lesson has a special message that must be heeded.

Life isn't what you come upon by chance,
It's making oneself true to one's own convictions and such,
So I follow a different path with each new day I'm allowed to have.

Be it profound or be it unique,
I'll follow that vision and dream to its end,
And when my life is finished to some, it actually goes on.

For as visions and dreams come and go,
Someone is always to follow through,
Though it might not be me, another will succeed.

For my visions and dreams will never die with me,
There's to many who share in those that know me,
And they will do what is needed to see my visions and dreams come to pass.

My visions and dreams are extreme and profound,
They carry a weight that cannot be complete,
For all peoples need to get along.


This poem is dedicated to all those who know me personally, and know that my heart belongs to the Blackfoot Peoples and a husband of Blackfoot descent.  May you carry on a quest that I do not want to give up after my passing on the the Great Beyond to meet our Creator?  Life is to short, and there is not enough time on this earth to accomplish my goals for peace among all peoples in the United States and the world.  Maybe...just maybe...some of you can.  I can only hope!  Please strive to stop the hate?


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.