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A Special Person

Written by Morning Star (September 8, 2002)
All Rights Reserved

There is this special person,
Who's been here half my life,
Who's seen more than I ever will,
Who means the world to me.

He spoiled me as a child,
He wiped my tears away,
Then give me candy,
As sweet as the person himself.

He's helped when no one else would,
And even when I don't deserve it,
Helps me again because he cares deeply,
He's inspiration to the heart.

He's all for higher education,
He's all for improving oneself,
Which makes him extra special,
No matter what anyone might say.

He's given me so rich a life,
Just from being a part of it,
And though he's not always near,
He's ever so dear at heart.

This special someone isn't my hubby,
And he's not just any old friend,
He's a special someone,
He's my Uncle forever no matter what.

And when he goes to the Great Beyond,
He'll carry me as part of him,
For when he leaves this old earth,
A part of me goes with him.


I wrote this poem with my Uncle Bob in mind, for this man has always truly been an inspiration to me as a child and beyond. May the Great Holy Being always be with you my dear, dear Uncle. For I love you and want all the best for you.

The man this poem was written about went to be with the Great Holy Being on December 8, 2002.  He will be greatly missed.  Rest peaceful my dear and beloved Uncle.


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.