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Little Four Paws

Written by Morning Star (October 12, 2002)
All Rights Reserved


There's a love within my heart,
But it's not a human love,
For there's four paws on which they walk.

They have little eyes that watch so close,
Ever wanting attention and love,
Little hearts that beat ever so fast.

They cannot speak as you or I,
Yet, I know their every need or cry,
Their ever happy eyes to dance when satisfied.

Loving hearts they do have,
Always greeting with glowing eyes,
To see the one's they know truly care.

Many times we think of them when we're gone,
Hoping their okay when we're not there,
Then come home to find greeting, shiny eyes.

Faithful to their dieing day,
Loving without a care,
And I love them ever so dear.

We as humans call them pets,
But their much more within our hearts,
Their our best friend when we're alone.

In times of trouble they do sense,
Our need for gentle understanding love,
Which they give freely without a doubt.

How I love my little four paws,
Their ever watching glowing eyes,
Always showing love no matter what.

Their little hearts pure and dear,
Their happy greeting beyond compare,
These three little four paws I love so dear.


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