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Life's Turns

Written by Morning Star (October 17, 2002)
All Rights Reserved


Forest Roads

There's a beat of sorts that we follow,
It takes us on some rocky roads,
And it's full of surprises untold.

When we don't expect it,
It takes us on wondrous journeys,
And then takes us back again.

Life is like the rolling hills we haven't seen,
At the top it feels so grand,
Taking on beauty with each turn.

And as the rolling hills,
Life's twists and turns can fill a heart with joy,
Or sadden us to tears.

Where there's life, there is joy or pain,
Where there's life, there is beauty untold,
Where there's life, there are turns to go through.

And as we go, take a little to look around,
To see the beauty it does hold,
To smell the flowers and feel the breeze.

For life's turns has fortunes untold,
Blessings unfelt that are yet to come,
For life has many different turns.

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.