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Happy Anniversary My One and Only Love

Written by Morning Star (August 13, 2002) Our Anniversary
All Rights Reserved


Wrote this for my husband...when he asked me to share the poem with the world...I was rather shocked to say the least.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as my husband did and still does.

The years have gone bye so quickly,
Barely a chance to spend much time thinking,
So I stopped to smell the roses today,
And look at what I found.

I found the heart is still in love,
The soul still burns for you only,
The mind still sees the pictures of yesterday,
And oh what fond memories.

To this day I hold you dear,
I'd do what it takes to carry you through,
The days don't seem right without you,
The nights empty when you're away.

Still to this day...I'd do it all over again,
I marry you for better or worse,
For sickness and in health,
Til death do we part.

So, My dearest Young Blood,
You know I'll be there no matter what,
You'll always be my one and only,
Here's being with you for 17 years of marriage.

I give you my heart again this day,
I give you my love again this day,
I give you my all again this day,
Happy Anniversary My One and Only Love!!!

Love You Always,
Morning Star


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