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Ghost Rider

Written by Morning Star (August 10, 2002)
All Rights Reserved


Ghost Rider

There's a deep and silent secrete in my heart,
A rider who's name is not known,
He rides in silence to keep my secrete safe,
And he's always near by just in case.

He's not my lover or my hearts desire,
He's not even able to speak to me,
He's just there watching over me,
With a heart of love for every soul he sees.

I call him friend to some degree,
I call him brother with ever so much respect,
He's there to guide me when I'm lost,
To lend a helping hand to me.

He has a heart of gold if only one could see,
A loving soul that never ends,
He knows me through and through,
And feels my pain when I am hurt.

He teaches many different things,
Not all lessons hard to learn,
He gives praise with a job well done,
And guides me through what is not understood.

Many times I have called him my life saving help,
But he says it's just all in a days delightful work,
And in the light of day or dark of night,
I'll always be grateful for this friend.

He's inspiration to heart and soul,
Always giving encouraging words,
Always holding life dear at heart,
He's my never ending guiding spirit.

He's a guiding light in troubled times,
He's a mentor for those who want to learn,
But to me he's so much more,
For he's truly my best friend.

This poem is dedicated to a very dear personal friend, who's an inspiration to me to always improve and learn. I will not mention any names, for I'm sure he knows who he is and why I wrote this poem. I can never repay the kindness and love he's shown me, and I love him as though he were my brother. May you always inspire people my friend. You have a very special gift and share it well. Thank you for sharing this gift with me and for being my Ghost Rider.

My Ghost Rider & Bro

My Bro

This is a picture of the man I call Ghost Rider.  Though it is obvious that we are not related, I call him my Brother.  He is special to me in every sense of the word, and always will be.  We have met in person many times and enjoy having each others company, along with our spouses to visit and have fun.  May he always find happiness and love where ever he goes.

Morning Star

Morning Star


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