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The Closing End

Written by Morning Star (November 13, 2002)
All Rights Reserved


There is an ache within each day,
It comes and goes, yet is never far away,
A gentle touch, a hug or kiss,
It's a revealing, which each person will go through.

It may haunt the soul and mind,
It may give unpleasant dreams,
It may be just a thing from the past,
But it will always remain.

It takes over when certain things or events take place,
It tries to take over, and is scares you awful,
Yet, inside you must fight to uncover the meaning,
And still hold on to what life is to you now.

It's a force in the heart and the soul cries out,
It's wonderment yet to unfold,
Yet, its message isn't yet clear,
Search for truth that yesterday cannot harm.

It tears at your heat and troubles your soul,
And it just refuses to let you go,
Your dreams turn to nightmares,
Your heart pounds each time you wake.

Yet, this driving force just refuses to let go,
Now you search as never before,
For the heartache has to unfold,
And all that you find is the emptiness inside.

Your nightmares seem so real,
Your heart skips a beat each time you awake,
Only to find it's just all in your sleep,
Beware of the ghost, all your instincts cry.

Yet, there is really nothing there,
And at last you find what troubles you,
It's events and times beyond your control,
You know now to accept what you cannot change.

With a song in your heart, and the love felt once more,
Life can again be more relaxed,
You're not a lost soul just unfold the truth,
Relax my children you have hope!

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.