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Yesterday Once More

Written by Morning Star (June 29, 2001)
All Rights Reserved


I find myself looking back through the years,
Reflecting on good times and bad,
Finding myself wishing I could go back in time,
And knowing I can't makes me long for those good old days.

Yet, I look to my future with wonderment,
I see many wondrous things ahead,
Oh the learning I can do,
And yesterday is yet another day gone bye.

The years have passed so quickly,
I never knew what hit me,
The changes I have seen just amaze me,
So many yesterdays to leave behind me.

Days come and go as the sun rises and sets,
I heart beats another day away,
And it becomes yesterday once more to make way for another day,
Oh, the things I have learned with its passing.

Yesterdays, how sweet you were,
You give me knowledge to take with me,
Then you were gone with the coming of the night,
And once again, I am left in awe.

Oh, how odd a humans life can be,
Yet, we always strive to learn more,
As yesterdays turn into months and months into years,
Then suddenly we are no more.

But while I am here on this earth,
Let me touch souls from all walks of life,
Let them see the beauty from within me,
Let us all share our yesterdays with fawn memories.


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