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The Passing

Written by Morning Star (July 21, 2001)
All Rights Reserved


A passing of time and place,
A moment in time to remember,
It's like a passing of two souls,
It's like two friends no longer in touch.

Memories of the pass to guide us through,
Memories of another time and place,
Which only leads one back to another place,
Which only brings back those memories.

Pleasant are the times gone bye,
Pleasant are their memories,
Pleasant are the passing times,
Which leads me to this present day and time.

What awaits for me ahead in time and place?
What things await for me to see?
What people will I chance to meet?
What adventures await on the other side?

As with all passing time and space,
The answers come with each passing moment,
The learning as it presents itself,
To all will know the answer when its day has come.

In this world we all hurry to a place in time,
We never stop to see the beauty all around,
It's time to stop and count the blessings,
To smell the roses and feel the blessings from up above.


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