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Learning Quest Prayer

Written by Morning Star (June 1, 2001)
All Rights Reserved


Oh, Great merciful with Your teachings,
For I have only a small part in this world,
But I must know the truth of my times on this earth.

Oh, Great Spirit...I plead with You this night,
To teach me the ways of my past Peoples,
For it means so very much to me.

As I learn and see all that You have to teach me Great Spirit,
Allow me to feel what I should and be what I am to be,
To grow with the knowledge You give me.

Oh, Great Spirit, I thank You this night for my sighting of my buffalo,
For the magnificent beauty I have seen in them, and for their awesome beauty,
And the wonder of it all to my heart and mind, for I stood in awe.

May the coming months of learning and seeing bring wonderment,
May it become a part of me as things have never been before,
May You watch over me in my quest for truth and light.

For I know You see and know all of my heart and mind,
You know me inside and out, and have many wonderful things in store for me,
And I look forward to each and every experience coming, good or bad.

Oh, Great Spirit, thank You for listening to my praying plead for help,
And I know You hear me as I plead for guidance and learning,
Great Spirit, I know You are with me as I find my passion for life.


Note to the visitor:   I wrote this poem to a very dear friend, whom I have
become very close too. She is like a Mother to me and I wanted her to know
that my quest for truth and light had begun. Joyful days are ahead of me and
I feel the excitement as it approaches me. So many things to learn and so little
time left. For the first in my life, I feel the passion of the unknown as I
begin a quest that I can't turn away from.


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