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Love and All Its Awe

Written by Morning Star (September 9, 2001)
All Rights Reserved


There is an awesome sight of wonderment to see,
There is an awesome few to look upon in awe,
There is love to amaze and dazzle the mind.

It awaits for nobody to discover it,
It laughs at what you do not see,
For it only passes us bye should we pay it no heed.

It offers us so many things that we fail to see,
It brings out the worst and the best in all of us,
It teaches us the path we are to take.

Only time will tell the secretes to us as we live,
For time heals all wounds that come to haunt our hearts,
And only a love that's true can make a difference.

For love is the healer of matters of the heart,
Love conquers many of the weak at heart,
And takes us on a never ending journey through life.

It can break a heart, or heal it to never break again,
Then, takes us on yet another journey of joy to wonderment,
Only to where the lover takes to another to hold and love.

But once that true love is found,
Only then can the heart rest in peace,
A peace that brings pleasure at every turn in life.

So, let your heart guide you to find true love,
For someone special is just waiting to hold you dear,
Have faith, and they will come be your dream come true.


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