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Written by Morning Star (January 1, 2001)
All Rights Reserved


Maiden & Fawn

If only people knew how arrogant it is when they don't stop to think,
For people seem to only care about themselves no matter what,
They can hurt each other and not even think twice of the thing they do,
Seems like the human race could have more common sense.

When feelings get hurt cause of the things that are said,
They'll turn their backs and not even think to what was said,
If only these people could feel the pain they inflict,
Maybe they wouldn't be so willing to point they finger so quick.

We as human beings have a responsibility to each other, yet,
So many seem to go through life not caring if others get hurt,
So what if one tells a person something just because they are told to,
So what if that person feels hurt and un-cared about.

What this world needs for caring people to show their faces,
To stand up for what they believe to be wrong and to voice it loudly,
What this world needs is a kind word of love to each person,
What this world needs is lessons for those who don't care for others.

We should love every man, woman and child that passes our way,
Not because they're a part of our family,
But because they're people just like ourselves in this world,
We share the same pains of the heart at many turns in life.

If you cut me, do I not bleed,
If you shave my head, do it not look bare,
And if you call me names, do I not feel hurt and despair,
For am I not human just like you who have done me wrong?

If only people would stop and think before they say or do,
This world would be a better place for all,
But as most things of this life, few will ever respect another's heart,
Not so much from not caring, as it's their own arrogance.


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