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My Truth Is Not Your Truth

Written by Morning Star (November 25, 2000)
All Rights Reserved


There is a truth in the heart,
It can't be stopped, nor can it die,
For it is what it is, and I feel it strong.

For I am who I am, and my truth is my truth,
And my truth is not your truth, for it lives inside,
No one can take it from me, and I live as I should.

People say as they believe their truth to be,
And they do as they feel is right for them,
For one must be true to oneself to be true.

I have felt the turmoil of my lessons and wandering's,
And I have felt the pain of sorting things out,
They have taught me lessons that only time can teach.

Now I wait for my next lesson in time and space,
As I know it will come and haunt me for a short time,
For life teaches lessons as I go through my life.

To all peoples, I say this,
Know who you are, and know your truth,
For we all have a path to follow no matter who says what.

And for whatever path you find yourself on,
The truth will always follow you,
So be true to yourself, despite what others might think.

Let the Great Spirit guide you on your path,
For He sees your destiny, and will help you through,
And always remember, to one's self be true.

For when you are true to yourself,
You are true with the Great Spirit,
And life will feel right for you as you accept this.


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