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Soul Mates

Written by Morning Star (November 1, 2000)
All Rights Reserved

Soul Mates

We see no others in our lives,
We hear only each others voices,
We are one with the other in soul and mind,
We are each the others winds song.

We are meant to be together through eternally,
For the Great Spirit has joined our hearts as one being,
We live as He would have us too,
We live for each other and rejoice in each others love.

Our hearts soar like eagles when one touches the other,
Our minds dream of nothing else when we're together,
Our spirits watch over the other each and every day,
Our love seems to go on and on forever.

Yet, in our deepest love, we both know,
That death will sooner or later separate us for a while,
So we rejoice on this earth for our love now,
And we see to it that our love is shown to others.

Every sweet caress is treated like our last,
Every sweet kiss brings pleasure to our hearts,
Every sweet hug brings us closer together as one being,
Every sweet day brings back sweet memories from our past.

Our hearts are joined as one,
Our souls are joined as one,
Everything we stand for have been joined as one,
And we are blessed by the Great Spirit in heart, soul, mind and body.

For we have something more wonderful than precious metals,
We have something more wonderful than most others can engine,
We have more than most with riches and gold,
We have each other to have and to hold.


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.