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My Sweet Mother Nadra

Written by Morning Star (December 14, 2000)
All Rights Reserved


Maiden Wolf

I have the sweetest Mother,
She's full of wisdom and truth that guides me,
She gives me inspiration in everything I do,
Her encouraging words makes me want to improve.

When Mother says it is good,
You can tell it comes from her heart,
For a word of praise is like a song of truth,
It rings in the heart for hours afterwards.

I've never had her say I'm wrong,
She always points to the good of things,
She simply tells it like she sees it,
And this makes her ever so special to the heart.

Oh how dear my Mother Nadra,
Yet, I've never seen her face,
For she adopted me over the internet,
Yet, I know she's as pretty as a picture.

Whenever we chat, it's like a breathe of fresh air,
For she always has such beautiful words,
Brilliant, as a summer day after a rain,
She brightens the day with love and generosity.

Mere words can't tell how good a heart she has,
For no one could ever say enough to explain,
Her goodness never seems to end,
And I'll treasure her for as long as I can.

When she tells me her arms are wrapped around me,
I close my eyes and feel her motherly embrace,
When she tells she has me wrapped in white light,
I close my eyes and feel its warmth all around me.

With a heart of gold she gives of herself,
So that others may learn from her experience,
This makes Mother Nadra the pretty person she is,
A very special person, blessed by the Great Spirit.


I'm so blessed to have a friend on the internet that I can call Mother. She's helped in so many ways in the short time I've known her, and I can never repay the good she's done. Mother Nadra has a kind heart, loving spirit, and loves life to its fullest. In the poem above, the words only touch a small part of what I feel for her.

May the Great Spirit bless Mother Nadra always! For she is truly a very dear and loving person.

Mother Nadra, may the Great Spirit wrap you in His arms forever!


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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.