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My Brother from Long Ago

Written by Morning Star (September 2, 2000)
All Rights Reserved


Many moons has passed, and many seasons have come and gone.
A life of struggle in a wild land.
Yet, I know of my brother from long ago.

Since I was a child I sensed I did not belong in these times in which I live.
My heart and spirit were from another time and place.
Along with something or someone very dear to the heart.

People come, people go.
But the truth was still not revealed.
So I searched with not knowing what I was searching for.

Then one day by chance I meet the empty feeling in my heart.
A brother from many many moons ago.
And my heart stopped beating for just a moment,
As I stared at his image before my eyes.

I knew from that moment on, that this man was
my long lost brother from so long ago.
I felt the loving kindness of his heart.
The ever gentle care I knew so long ago.

From knowing the times in which we live,
I would not welcome the things I knew.
So I put my feelings on hold, and would not say
What I felt at heart.
I call him my friend on the internet.

Time passes and nothing is said.
Three months go bye and feelings grow strong.
Then one night he says what I was afraid too,
"I knew you in another life."

In that moment, I felt a weight left from you shoulders.
For he knew what I had been sensing and afraid to say.
I lost the feeling that I was losing my mind.

Now that I know who he is, I'll enjoy each and every moment we have.
For now I can call him my brother, and know that he really is.
My brother lives and the Hawk is flying.

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