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Tiny Hummingbird

Written by Morning Star (August 31, 2000)
All Rights Reserved


Rufous Hummer

Tiny little hummingbird feeding at my feeder,
You're the Great Spirits little one,
But I love you just the same.

Look how tiny you really are,
Look how those tiny little wings go,
How I'd like to be a hummingbird.

I'd like to fly so fast and turn on a dime,
To hover in one spot in mid air,
Tiny little hummingbird at my feeder.

By nature you're shy and avoid people,
Yet you come to my feeder with me sitting right there,
How is it you trust me even that far.

Tiny little hummingbird at my feeder,
I want so bad to hold you on my finger,
Yet, you just would come to rest easy with me.

Your beauty is beyond compare to other birds,
Your feathers shine in the sun so many colors,
How pretty you are and always humming along.

How wonderful it is to see you each morning,
You brighten up the day without a song,
Just your presence to make my day happier.

So I'm content to watch through my window as you feed,
As long as you come, I'll be happy,
Tiny little hummingbird at my feeder.

As the season ends, you'll fly away,
Yet I know come next summer you'll be back,
To feed at my hummingbird feeder once more.

As you go to warmer places for the winter,
May the Great Spirit watch over you as I know He will,
See you next summer with all your beauty that you begin.

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