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One Voice Fading

Written by Morning Star (November 27, 2000)
All Rights Reserved


I see the day as clear as today,
When my voice will fade to those I love,
When my life will be no more.

I see the day approaching,
When my heart will feel no more pain,
When my days will cease to exist.

I see the day approaching when my voice with fade,
Yet, in that deep and dark hour of death,
My fading will bring another into the world.

I have seen my death in my dreams, and it is peaceful,
I will have no pain or misery, just peaceful rest,
I will see my maker as He sees me.

I have seen my death in my dreams,
People who love me will mourn my passing,
Yet, celebrate my life as they knew it to be.

They will help children coming up in the family,
To understand the person they will never know,
To see clearly a person of love and kindness.

And as my spirit fades in to the great beyond,
I'll hear them telling me how much they love me,
I'll hear them wish me happiness in the great beyond.

Then I shell fade away til I hear no more,
I shell fade in voice and spirit in to the great beyond,
Where I will be happy and rejoice with the Great Spirit.

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