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Legal Information


Copyright Statement

All information on this website belong to me (Morning Star) and all copyrights belong to me.  The information you read on these pages are of my own writing. And they are not to be copied in any way, shape or form without my (Morning Star's) prior permission. You may contact me through my the email link that is on all my pages.

All images are created in Paint Shop Pro for this website and are created by me (Anita Eberline) with this website in mind. If you'd like to inquire about my images or other works on this website, please contact me using the email links provided on all my website pages.


Privacy Statement

I, Morning Star, do not ask or require anyone to sign my Guestbook.  I collect no personal information without you being aware of it and it is not without your permission.

Persons under the age of 16 should have permission from a parent or guardian to sign the GuestBook or take my Survey, as I do ask for an email address and your name which are never given to any second or third party under any circumstances.  I do not have full control over the GuestBook, which can leave your email address and name open for others to use at will, therefore, you should use caution when signing my GuestBook.  Leaving your email address and name are optional when signing my GuestBook and you do not have to leave them in order to sign or leave comments in it.

Please read this link explaining the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] COPPA Act - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act website.  For more information, or visit the Kids Privacy website if you still have questions.



I will not be held responsible for any messages that are lost in transient; nor will I be held responsible for changing they content.  However, I do monitor the messages to be sure they are of quality content so that others will not be offended.

The disclaimer below is to inform visitors of my intentions and/or what I will not accept for my web site.

bullet I, Morning Star, have created the backgrounds, buttons or other images pertaining to the navigation of this site, and they are not for sale. Please DO NOT STEAL my images!!!!!
bullet Graphics from these pages MAY NOT be included in, or offered from, any collection or other graphics sites, either online or in any other type of media. And they are not to be used as e-mail decorations, please.
bullet You will never be asked to sign my GuestBook, as this is strictly voluntary.
bullet I, Morning Star, do not claim responsibility for links to other sites from this site.  Any and all content/images are the soul responsibility of the owners of those sites.
bullet Signatures in the GuestBook are strictly voluntary, and subject to deletion at anytime if profanity is used without notice.
bullet This web site is intended for the soul purpose of publishing my poetry, and no part of the images and/or content may be reproduced with my prior permission.
bullet All poetry is written under my Native American Name, but are still the soul copyright of Morning Star, with all rights reserved.
bullet The title page in the frames here was done on a background image and I cannot place a alt tag on it for that reason.  All the images on this web site took me hours to create using the knowledge gained at WebTech University, and are therefore not for use on any other web site.  Please be advised that I have not created them for any other purpose and will protect my copyrights to them.

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No part may be reproduced without prior permission by Morning Star.