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Welcome to
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This site has the poetry that I've written through the years.  It's not a profession for me, but a hobby that I enjoy every now and then.  The poetry itself comes from the heart and life experiences.  It's something that comes to me when least expected and I just start writing until it is finish.

There is love poems, poems of a heart felt Native American Heritage, poems of my dark side and much more.  But the poetry that I enjoy writing the most, are the ones that come to me about little memories from the past.  Poems of friendship that means lots to me, and special friends who have been there through thick and thin for me.

This poetry web site is dedicated to all those who come and go in my life, who love me for who I am, and enjoy just being people no matter what walk of life they may come from or are going too.  Enjoy, and may the wind always be at your backs.  May the Great Spirit guide your foot steps in the path they are to take.

There is a part of me that few people get to see, and the poetry on this web site shows that part which is not shown to everyone.  I started writing poetry as a release of feelings that were unfamiliar to me in so many ways, and it grew into something I never expected it to be.  Though my poetry is not written much any longer, I still look back at the beginning of it all with wonder.  Some think that is was just a confused woman trying to find her path in life, while others think it was the true woman inside dieing to come out of me.  Either way, it is poetry that I seldom sew coming.

Bound for the path of following my husband's Native American Heritage, I wrote for the love of writing and found my heart filled with many different emotions that I could not explain.  It is through poetry that those emotions found their way to the surface and came pouring out of my soul.

Whether I wrote about the heritage, my love for my husband, or any other topic; it was plain to myself that it all needed to be shared with more people other than my husband and a few close friends.  I have published them on the Native American site teaching others what I had learned about the Blackfoot Native.  The very tribe that my husband has his roots.  Now, in 2005, I have decided that the poetry needed a place all of its own to reside and strive on its own.

It has taken weeks to prepare the pages and poetry site on which it now resides, but it is the home where it will now remain.  I hope that by sharing my feelings through poetry, everyone can see the person within me, and not just the person they believe me to be.  It is who I am that truly matters, not what I am.  As I too, am a person above all else.  I am unique, I am Morning Star and the wife of a Blackfoot Native American man.


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