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My name is Morning Star and I was born on April 19, 1956 in The USA. After being encouraged to write poetry in college, and then again by several friends and my husband, I decided to give it a chance to see how things would go.  I never dreamed that I had it in me to write poetry or to write so many poems.  As time past, I found it to be a release that would prove to be relaxing.

In college, I was an English Major studying to become a Office Systems Professional.  I graduated in 1996, with good standing and am proud of my accomplishments.  Then in 2001, I studied web site design under a man who is also a very dear friend, along with his wife.  I was certified in web site design and image design in March 2002.  I was also certified in image design in JavaScript Applications in December 2002.

I have an inquisitive mind that is always working.  I have a habit of not being happy until my questions are answered and I know exactly what I what to know.  It is this inquisitive mind that keeps me learning and going on to higher things.  I was once told that when one quits learning or beginning inquisitive, they are no longer with the living.  I believe this deep within my soul and struggle to learn all that I can and will continue to do for as long as I live.

I have 9 years of experience doing web site design. I absolutely enjoy the work and strive for excellence. I believe that each web page on a site should have something special to say about the web site owner.  And I believe that my poetry does just that, because it gives a side of me that few people ever get to see.

Even though I have 9 years of experience, I feel that there is so much more that I could learn about web site design.  So I signed up for a class at WebTech University to learn all that I can to improve on my skills, abilities and talents.  I have been through all 8 classes, and passed them all with flying colors.

I was born on 4/19/56 in a small but growing community.  I'm 49 years old and I have a Degree as a Word Processor and Office Systems Professional.  I graduated in 1996 from Davenport University, back then, known as Great Lake College in Michigan, USA.  I understudied web site design with Bill Heilig from 2000 to 2003 and did not receive graded works that I know of, but I did pass his courses without any problems.

I don't claim to be the absolute best, and I don't claim to know it all.  But I do take a lot of pride in my work.  As far as I'm concerned, there is always something more I can learn...and there is always something new coming out.  So one is never truly done learning.

There are several things I like about web site design, but I think my favorite is being able to create my own images.  Then, there is creating the pages for the web site itself.  I find it amazing how a page can start and when it's finished.  There are many ways to express oneself when creating a web site.  It's the most rewarding work that I've ever done in my opinion.

As one person once told me, "There are lots of ways to create a web site, but even then, no two pages are exactly alike."  Once I got into creating my first web site, I could see just what they meant.  It is one of the most interesting things I have ever attempted and succeeded in doing.

As one person has already discovered, I am Morning Star of "Young Blood's & Morning Star's Home of Information".  A web site teaching about the Blackfoot Native American peoples and their culture.  Though I am an experienced web master already, I decided to take these classes mainly for the CSS class that is offered.  To improve the skills a bit more, I decide to take the entire course of study and found some useful information in the process.  Which means, we can always improve on what we already know.  I have successfully completed all of the main courses as of 4/15/2005.


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