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Bullet Congratulations to my Winners!  Your hard work and efforts show and you have helped to make the internet a better and safer place for all who surf it. Bullet
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2008 Winners

Screen Shot

Awarded: 12/0/08 County Flag Goes Here

There were no winners for December.

Screen Shot

Awarded: 11/0/08 County Flag Goes Here

There were no winners for November.

Screen Shot

Awarded: 10/0/08 County Flag Goes Here

There were no winners for October.

World Paper Currency Gallery

Awarded: 9/20/08 USA

World Paper Currency Gallery - This site is suitable for all ages, it contains over 2500 front and back images of paper currency of over 300 countries of the world including some countries which do not exist anymore. I consider this site to be very informative and educational as well.

This site has 3 special exhibits for Unites States, United Kingdom and India. These special exhibits contain a very extensive and hard to find images of the front and back of paper currencies.

Ph?nix Award

Awarded: 9/12/08 Austria

Ph?nix Award - Welcome to my Ph?nix Award. Award Program. My name is Franz Boigner and I was born on the 27th January 1957 in Vienna, Austria. I am married with my treasured wife Brigitte and a father of 3 sons. In my free-time I spend much time outdoors and with the care of my reptiles. Also part of my hobbies are my homepage, the award programs and the F.R.I. award-index. Into it I spend my free-time with much joy.


Awarded: 8/28/08 USA

ChamownersWeb - It is the purpose of this website to entertain and educate you about OLD WORLD CHAMELEONS. "Old World Chameleons" are members of the family Chamaeleonidae. They possess several unique characteristics from their lightning fast and laser precise tongue, to their independently turreted eyes with nearly 360 degree vision. Their prehensile tails act as a fifth leg giving them greater reach in their travels through the trees. These factors coupled with their unmatched ability to change color as their environment warrants lends these fascinating creatures to many myths and legends.

Carpe Diem Award Program

Awarded: 8/24/08 Brazil

Carpe Diem Award Program - "Carpe Diem Award Program" recognizes the accomplishments of web masters that exhibit artistic talent, aesthetic content, innovative design and easy navigation. Genealogy and History Library

Awarded: 7/19/08 USA

Nancy Koran - Motivational Sports Speaker - Sports Book Author - Coach - Nancy Koran's motivational sport books, articles and tips to become a champion of life. Genealogy and History Library

Awarded: 6/29/08 USA Genealogy and History Library - Free genealogy and history library with books online in text format. Many categories and subjects for all ages.

Kit do Sucesso

Awarded: 5/11/08 Brazil

Kit do Sucesso - My site has navigation safe for the whole family. Here you will find many books, gifts, hundreds of e-Books for free. The site also has an Awards Program.

Screen Shot

Awarded: 4/0/08 County Flag Goes Here

There were no winners for April.

Justamere Farm

Awarded: 3/12/08 USA

Justamere Farm - Justamere Farm is a Model Horse site educating the public about model horses, showing them, pedigree assignment, equine color genetics, diseases and correct equine breed specific confirmation.

wildviews gallery

Awarded: 3/8/08 United Kingdom

wildviews gallery - Wildviews offers real-world photography - travel and natural history images. Stunning posters and a full image library are available from this site.

Pedal Prayers

Awarded: 3/1/08 USA

Pedal Prayers - Testimony and on-going bicycle travels of a servant evangelist in the United States.

Salamanders Young Burn Survivors

Awarded: 2/23/08 United Kingdom

Salamanders Young Burn Survivors - Designed for children and young people, this site gives information on burns and first aid and has links to further information, plus a contact base for burn survivors.

Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery

Awarded: 1/27/08 USA

Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery - A personal collection of world paper money grouped by continents; special exhibits include hyperinflation banknotes, millennium banknotes and polymer plastic banknotes; paper money trivia.


Bullet I wish you the best of luck with your website & application. Bullet


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