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Evaluator - Information about the Evaluator that also gives the visitor an idea of the type of experience that I have.

Ethics - Contains the Code of Ethics & Ethics Pledge. This is what the visitor can expect of me whenever I evaluation a website.

Criteria - There are four pages of Criteria that give information on I expect for the my applicants.

Scoring - The "Scoring System" offers information about I'm looking for when I evaluate a website. It's also my Deductions page.

Processes - Contains the Evaluation / Notification Processes. These give the visitor information about how I handle the Evaluation and Notification.

Self Test - Offers a test for the applicant to take before applying for this award to be sure that they qualify.

Award Graphic - This page gives a sample of the award offered here at MSAP for the applicant to preview before applying for it.

Application - The application by which the applicant may apply for this award.

Applicant Status - Once an applicant has sent his/her application to me, they may view this page to keep track of their progress.

Selection Record - This allows any applicants or award programs affiliations to view a listing of winners per month and/or other period on the award's winners list page.

Per Statistics - Gives the previous status and statistics for previous years.

Winners Circle - Lists the current and past winners by the year. Each year past the present year represents an archives for past winners.

Memberships - A listing of the affiliations and other index's that this award program belongs to and is listed at for award seekers to find this website.

Home - Gives the introduction, purpose and mission of this award program.

Information Pages

Legal Info - Gives the terms of use, copyright, privacy and disclaimer statements.

MSAP History - Gives the applicant a brief description of this award programs past history to the best of my abilities.

Honors Received - Gives a list with clickable links to the awards this website has received.

Website Journal - Keeps the visitors up to date about what MSAP is all about and work that has been done on this website.

Recourses - A list of websites that the visitor may visit for useful items or information.

Website Map - Lists the pages and sections of this award program website.

Special Pages

AP Listings - This section is for my fellow award givers to advertise their awards programs so that the awards seekers might find them a bit easier.

Info Lodge - This section is for my fellow webmasters who wish to seek help in different aspect of website design.

Tutorial Lodge - This section contains an HTML tutorial for my viewers.

Adopt-n-Award - This section contains free awards created by me for people just getting started at running their own awards program.


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