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MSAP AP Listings Terms of Use


By using MSAP website you are agreeing to all MSAP Policies these constituting an agreement between MSAP and yourself.  The MSAP Terms of Use and all Policies included may be altered without notice, and will affect all awards programs.


By applying for a listing with MSAP you are agreeing not to alter the presented image in any way, this includes changing the size with width and height tags, the images are 180 x 65 pixels. If I check your site after you let me know you have posted the Listings Badge and it has been altered and notify you of the same.

The badge must be saved and posted to your website before you will be considered for a listing at MSAP.

Should you choose to use the alternative email link on the application page, do not change and/or alter any information in the subject line, the email address for sending the application, or the copy/paste information provided for an email application. This includes trying to hide any and all email addresses. Doing these things will result in your website being denied a listing at MSAP.

By filling out the application, the applicant agrees to a screenshot being taken of their awards program to be placed on the listings pages along with a description of the website.

If the applicants site does not meet the program criteria, the applicant may resubmit an application to this listings program within 45 days, providing changes have been made to the applicants website in meeting with the criteria.

All decisions made regarding MSAP Listings are final and will not be negotiated.

The applicant agrees to display the MSAP AP Listings Badge on their awards program memberships page.

Under NO circumstances am I obligated to give a listing to anyone if the criteria has not been followed.


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