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Legal Statements


Copyright Statement

All information and images are mine (Morning Star's) and I have all copyrights to them. And they are not to be copied in any way, shape or form without my (Morning Star's) prior permission. DO NOT alter any award received by Morning Star's Awards Program under any circumstances. Anyone violating my copyrights shall be held liable for improper or incorrect use. The size and file name must remain the same as when it was sent to the winner.

The blanket background that is used on this website was created by a very dear and close friend who wishes to stay anonymous. I have also used the same background to create my poetry website at Morning Star's Book of Poetry.

Screenshots of winning websites are taken with the applicant's permission, which is given when you apply for this award by filling out the application form or sending an application by email. Other images used on this website are for the purpose of linking to search engines are copyrighted by those sites and are used with permission by following the instructions on their "Link to Us" page.

You have the following options for removing your information from my database to not receive future communications or to terminate your MSAP Award.

I do not give awarded websites options for changing and modifying any information previously provided. To do this, you must contact me.

Some information on Morning Star's Award Program is used on other awards programs that I own, maintain and operate. I have give myself full permission to use and otherwise distribute my award program information to these other awards programs.

The flags used on the "Applicant Status" and "Winners Circle" are from "Eberline's Graphics Gallery" and are used with permission.


Honors Received Page:

This website has received and display awards that were achieved from other awards programs. The awards display are the soul property of those awards programs, and display on the pages there with the awards programs with the owners permission.


Memberships Page:

This website has received and display membership badges for different affiliations, associations and other sources that were achieved from their programs. These badges are display on this page with the owners permission.


Awards Programs Listings:

All information in this section is for listing other awards programs and giving a description of their program. Screenshots are taken for the purpose of letting visitors have an idea of what the website looks like and taken with the applicants permission, which is give when you apply for a listing by filling the application form or sending an application by email.

Filling Out MSAP Applications:

When any of my applications are filled out and sent to me, this is hereby giving your consent (permission) to take a screenshot of your Entrance and/or Home page of your website to be displayed as an example of what your website looks like. This applies to all aspects of MSAP. Please read the "Terms of Use" at the bottom of this page for more information.


Contacting the Web Master

If you have any questions about this copyright statement, the practices of this website, or your dealings with this website, you may contact me by using the email link below. There are email links at the bottom of each page.


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Privacy Statement

I have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate my firm commitment to privacy. I shall not sell, lend nor distribute any information to any third party. The following discloses my information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

I use your email address to notify you of winning an award, and nothing else.

My site uses no cookies to facilitate any use of the applicants.

My site's application form requires users to give me contact information (like their name and email address) and demographic information (like their website URL). I use this information (email address) from the application form to send the user information about their award, and nothing more.

My Award Program site contains links to other sites, and is not responsible for the privacy practices and/or the content of such Websites. Though I do check this website for eligibility and to be sure that their website still complies with this award program criteria's and other information. When visiting such sites, I urge you to be an informed surfer and use caution when providing any personal data.

You have the following options for removing your information from my database to not receive future communications or to terminate your MSAP Award.

Bullet Privacy Policy:

Please read the following privacy policy carefully. By using the Morning Star's Award Program website, you agree to and abide by the conditions outlined below.

Your privacy on the Internet is important to me. As part of the operations of my Award Program, I gather certain types of information about Morning Star's Award Program users. This Privacy Policy explains the types of information that I collect and what I do with it. By using my website, you agree to the following Privacy Policy, which constitutes an agreement between MSAP and you. My Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may change from time to time.

Bullet Collecting Information:

MSAP only collects one type of information about users: personal information, such as name and e-mail address, and all is kept completely confidential.

Personal Information is collected when users voluntarily submit information via my online forms. These forms include services such as; applying to my Award Program or other promotional opportunities provided on my website. I also collect e-mail addresses from users who send me feedback email or request technical support or other help. This information enables me to improve my website to make your online visits more productive and enjoyable. My Award applicants agree by the submission of the form to have the following information posted; website title, URL address and a brief description of the winning site, along with a screenshot of their website, the country they are from and the date the award was won.

I never sell, rent, or otherwise share my visitors' personal information with any third parties. I will disclose information that I herself will maintain as required by law, for example, in response to a court order or a subpoena or to disclose information to a specific law enforcement agency.

Bullet Contacting the Web Master

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this website, or your dealings with this website, you can contact me by email. There are email links at the bottom of each page.

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COPPA Statement

Bullet Children's Privacy:

MSAP encourages parents and guardians to spend time with their children online and become familiar with the websites their children visit. In various sections of my site, I ask whether users are under the age of 16. Morning Star's Award Program relies on the visitors to be truthful in responding to these questions. Please read this link explaining the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] COPPA Act - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act website. For more information, visit the Kids Privacy website. No information should be submitted to my website by users under the age of 16.

MSAP, is based in the USA, and respects and agrees with the COPPA Act.

Bullet Links To Sites:

My website contains links to web sites other than my own.  Those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as MSAP.  Such links may be to advertisers, content providers or general web resources.  These sites may send their own cookies to you, and may collect information and use it in a way inconsistent with the MSAP Privacy Policy.  I do not control the content that appears on these sites.  Such websites may contain information and content that are independent of MSAP and what I, Morning Star, have created, maintained, published, posted or otherwise made available.

The use of any information or materials that you may access at these external websites is purely voluntary. These external sites may also refer to specific commercial products, processes, or services by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise. MSAP has provided explicit authority, such references in no way indicate my endorsement, recommendation or preference.

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bullet I, Morning Star, have created the graphics/images on this site, and they are not for sale. Please DO NOT STEAL my images!!!!!
bullet Graphics from these pages MAY NOT be included in, or offered from, any collection or other graphics sites, either online or in any other type of media. And they are not to be used as e-mail decorations, please.
bullet You will never be asked to sign a GuestBook, as I do not have one for this website and will never have one.
bullet I, Morning Star, do not claim responsibility for links to other websites from this website; any and all content/images are the soul responsibility of the owners of those sites. However, for maintaining family safe and friendly website, I check the link as often as possible to be sure that they are also safe for all viewers.
bullet I reserve the right to keep close watch on websites which are in my winners circle for the soul purpose of making sure they still exist, and to be sure that they are still family friendly for all ages. Should I determine that a site no longer meets my criteria, it will be removed from my winners circle. The website owner will be notified of the decision and be given the chance to make necessary changes. An asterisk (*) will be place by the website title to remind me to recheck the website.
bullet I also reserve the right to check for any and all copyright infringements of my award image. They are NOT to be changed without my permission at any time regardless of circumstances. The size and file name must remain the same as when it was sent to the winner.

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Terms of Use

You are agreeing with the following terms by submitting your site for review...

If you win my award you must not alter the presented image in any way, this includes changing the size with width and height tags, the images are 104 wide x 135 high in pixels. If I check your site after you let me know you have posted the award and it has been altered, I may then revoke your website, remove you from my "Winners Circle".


Thumbnails may be used if it's linked to the full size award imageTherefore reserving the right to revoke any award from website owners.


The awarded applicant agrees to respond to this Award Program after being notified of their winning status within a 7 day period. If the applicant has not responded within the 7 day period, the website will be removed from the Winners Circle and it will be assume the award was refused by the applicant.


Should you choose to use the alternative email link on the application page, do not change and/or alter any information in the subject line, the email address for sending the application, or the copy/paste information provided for an email application. This includes trying to hide any and all email addresses. Doing these things will result in your website being permanently disqualified.


By filling out the application, the applicant agrees to a screenshot being taken of their website to be placed in the winners circle along with a description of the website.


By the same respects, an application filled out and sent to me for the Awards Programs Listing section along with a description of the program, is also agreeing to a screenshot and a description of the Award Program.


If the applicants site does not meet the program criteria and qualify for my award, the applicant may resubmit an application to this award program within 45 days, providing changes have been made to the applicants website in meeting with the criteria.


All decisions made regarding MSAP are final and will not be negotiated. Arguing with me in any way is grounds for an automatic disqualification permanently.


The applicant agrees to display the award on their website and have a separate awards page or pages for doing so, even if they have not won any awards yet. If the winner found not displaying the award on a separate awards won page, they will be removed from the Winners Circle and disqualified permanently.


Under NO circumstances am I obligated to give an award to anyone even though they have given one to me. As my award is to be earned, not just given to give.


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