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Website Journal


11/15/05 - A complete re-design was done on the site to what you see now in preparing for upgrading my rating with Award Sites! and a couple of others.

12/6/05 - Upgraded my criteria's and started preparing pages for further upgrades for the New Year. Retrieved dates for the previous years winners pages.

12/7/05 - Updated the winners circle section in preparing for the coming year 2006. Added a table chart for outstanding winners through the years. Also, added separate previous winners pages for the years 2004 and 2003, with a separate page for the retired awards winners.

12/12/05 - This awards program has made the following changes for the year 2006:


Winners Circle pages upgraded for the coming year.


Redoing all status/statistics tables for the coming year.


Place the 2005 winners on a previous winners page.


Adding the country flags to the 2006 application form.


Discontinuing the Webmasters and Friendship awards.


Checking all winners links one final time for the year 2005.


Removing links that are no longer active.


Check over criteria's more for errors and duplicates of requirements.

12/24/05 - Added different flag images to the winners circle pages with the help of Tim Beylemans Tim's Spider corner. Thank you Tim for sending the flags to use on my awards program.

1/1/06 - Made some last minute updates and re-opened after the holiday break early.
1/5/06 - Upgrade awards title image to a transparent image.

1/7/06 - Added a page on IFrames to the Tutorial.

1/15/06 - By popular request, I created the previous statistics pages. Regrettably, my records only go back to 2002 for that information. Plus, I added a survey page to make it easier for people to make suggestions.

1/16/06 & 1/17/06 - Added a survey to allow visitors a chance to give their opinions of MSAP and/or offer any ideas that they might see as helpful in the future.

1/20/06 - Added an Award Programs Listings section.

1/26/06 - In order to stay in compliance with AwardSites! new regulations for upgrading, I have placed a new page in the this awards program for a record of winners and non-winners for my award and month it was awarded.

1/28/06 - This awards program was refurbished to reflect a whole new way of awarding deserving web sites for their efforts. I now give only one award to all websites. In this refurbishment, the "Terms of Use", "Criteria's" and other important information to the award seeker has been changed to match the award being offered. In doing so, I sent notices to my current award winners that their status with MSAP had change with the changes made for this program, and attached the current award with their notification. I do hope that they find everything in order, and I thank them for their cooperation.

1/29/06 - Finished the refurbishment by changing my title images to match what MSAP is doing presently as an award program.

2/14/06 - Labeled MSAP with ICRA today. Also revamped criteria to match the type of award I now offer better.

2/15/06 - Edited the evaluator page, code of ethics page and others today to make them more compatible with the award offered. On the evaluator page, I added my Native American website teaching about the Blackfoot Nation; plus, listed my qualifications.

2/25/06 - Lightened up the background of all the page today to make my pages more readable.

3/6/06 - Revamped the entire website to make it more compatible with the popular browsers and user friendly. Plus, I redesigned the award image to match the new design of the website itself.

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3/8/06 - Finished adding explanations to all my criteria today and uploaded them to the website.

3/26/06 - Added a page to help others with their ICRA submission to my "Helpful Tips" section. I do hope that it helps others as Luuk has helped me.

5/7/06 - Changed the way in which award programs are listed, and added some of the older awards so people can view them.

5/10/06 - To better help people with HTML in creating their websites, I'm added an HTML Color Picker to the tutorial.

6/4/06 - Added an adopt-n-awards page today.

6/13/06 - Edited the menus on all pages to match better for easier navigation.

6/25/06 - Fixed broken links in the AP Listings section and place all text information in the Winners Record.

7/7/06 - Added new items to the criteria's.

7/22/06 - Received the final upgrade for PAI today and I'm now rated 5.0 with them. I re-arranged the memberships page so that the highest ratings are reflected.

7/26/06 - Re-organized the navigation system to this website.

7/28/06 - Re-did the Adopt-n-Awards section and added new awards for use by other webmasters. Added an 800 x 600 resolution test page today.

7/30/06 - Finished a revamp of the criteria today and fixed a few other aspects of the website.

9/12/06 - Revamped the links and checked URL's in the Winners Circles.

12/16/06 - Re-worked the navigation on each page to reflect all the pages on this website and to enhance the award program itself. Also, re-worked the site map to reflect more of what is on MSAP for the benefit of all my visitors. Changed the size of the Screen Shots for faster load time. Edited the criteria's to some degree to omit any confusion.

2/8/07 - Took screen shots of the previous years statistics and placed them all on one page to do away with the statistics pages. The end result is everything on one page for the same purpose. Also adjusted the navigation menu on each page to reflect this change.

2/24/07 - Refurbished the website, putting it back into IFrames. Navigation is easier and better. Changed the images the entrance page and change the background for all other pages. Divided the sections up better to also improve navigation.

3/12/07 - Changed over to strictly email applications due to having problems with the forms. I do not like service forms and refuse to use them when I can make everything better and easier with simple email links, along with copy/paste information for my viewers.

3/21/07 - Added "Screen Tips" to the "Site Map" for each sections items today so that it tells what the link is for.

12/24/07 - The updates for the coming year (2008) are completed and this program has again grown to some degree. With the year coming, I am proud to announce that I have awarded some very interesting websites, and am looking forward to another year of doing the same.

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3/14/08 - Beginning today, my criteria's have changed to meet yet another newly discovered knowledge in hopes that it encourages everyone to do their very best at designing their websites. With elements and desires for change comes the possibility of new accomplishments in the future. Plus, as of January 1, 2008, this is now my 10th year in the awards community. With this, comes a new and exciting responsibility to the internet community as a whole. That responsibility is clear to me, and it is to provide my viewers with an awesome way to say that they are proud to be an MSAP Nominee. When I notify applicants now, they receive a Nominee Badge to display on their website so that everyone may know that they are being considered for this award.

3/19/08 - MSAP has been updated so that everyone may view it without hassle. I do hope that those who did not apply for this award because of the way the website looked and felt before will come back to do so now.

4/11/08 - MSAP has been completed revamped and that includes the criteria's. Everything should be much easier to understand.

4/17/08 - Finished editing the website today for making it more compatible with the major browsers.

4/18/08 - Added new page to this journal and completed the over all editing for improvements to this website. This includes checking for broken links and images, checking winners list for the same and completing the changing of the alt tags to title tags to make this website compatible with the major browsers. Also check internal links for accuracy.

4/19/08 - Today was my birthday, and I took the day off to enjoy family and friends who came by to share the day with me.

5/6/08 - Added a new award to the Honors Received page for the first time since 2006.

5/11/08 - Added a new award to the Honors Received page and awarded another website for their hard work and efforts today. Plus I changed contact email at the bottom of every page to a yahoo email because of receiving so many spam emails.

7/25/08 - Received another award for this website today and placed it in the "Honors Received" section.

10/22/08 - Due to reasons I cannot discuss, I have had to omit the "Helpful Tips and Tutorial" sections of this website. However, I am still willing to help provided my viewers email me. I will do my loyal best to help whoever asks.

11/22/08 - Finished checking for problems that caused questionable ethics concerning copyright laws and fixed everything that could be found. I do hope this was not an inconvenience to my viewers. In the months to come, I will be revamping the "Helpful Tips and Tutorial" sections that were in question and re-posting them to this website once all problems have been taken care of properly.

1/11/09 - The first day of having MSAP's own domain. This is a break through that I thought wasn't possible for this program ever. I'm happy and will try my best to improve this website as I learn how to work with my new URL and domain.

3/24/09 - Began refurbishing this website today and have no clue to when it will be finish. I've been working while sick, and the work seems endless at best at present.


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