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Promotion of a WebSite


You can make promoting your website a long tedious job, or you can make it simple. But first, you need a reason for promoting your website.

By promoting your website, you enable it to attack visitors through search engines and other means. Other means? Well, this is done by listing with other website owners if they allow it.

However, there is a more simple way to advertise your website that is easier than spending hours upon hours submitting to search engines. It is place in your meta tags and describes your website to would be search engines searching your home page for it to list your website on their server. Which means your website gets listed with search engines such as Yahoo and Google because of place a special meta tag for doing so.

In most cases, and it has been proven to be up to 85% effective, visitors use a search engine to find what they're looking for on a daily basis.

Meta Tags: There are several meta tags, but the most important for search engines to index your website home page are the description and keywords search engines utilizes different tags. Those meta tags look like this:

<meta name="description" content="A prestigious award program awarding Personal, Business and Non-Profit websites from all over the globe!">
<meta name="keywords" content="award, awards, Award, Awards, website awards, web awards, award programs listings">

Of course, the ones I give above are for MSAP, but the information is changeable to meet your needs for your website.

The above meta tags need to always be placed between the <head></head> tags.

There is also the "Link Popularity" concept. This involves the idea of what is says, "Popularity". It's becoming more widely used by search engines. So it's important to consider when increasing your ranks with any search engine.

If you're doing search engine submissions to get on any search engine for them to index your website, the focus is to increase your website rankings. Which means you need to have an accurate description of your website when submitting it. Otherwise, your chances of having a high ranking is slim to none. You need to aim for the top 10 listing if at all possible. This way, your website is listed (as a rule) in the first 10 websites of the index on a search engine. However, getting there can be a huge challenge to say the least.

Your can go to website such as to submit your website for free to several search engines for indexing. They also have a Meta Tag Generator that could help the beginner. Plus, there are a number of other services they offer.

Strategies for Submitting to Search Engines

While on the topic of search engine submissions, keep in mind that there are some that charge a fee for listing your website when you submit it. So be absolutely sure you want to go this route before submitting. If you are discouraged by this, don't be, as their search engines that don't charge for their service.

The purpose of the keywords meta tag. Well, it gives search engines an idea of what your website contains, and allow visitors to search for websites like yours. What is involved in creating it is a lot of brainstorming. In the process, the idea is to come up with 50 to 100 keyword or key phrases that could possible work for people finding your website easier. Then decide which ones will do the job you need, and place those in the "Keywords Meta" tag. The fewer keywords you use the better, as those words at the top of your website pages are the most important.

<meta name="keywords" content="award, awards, Award, Awards, website awards, web awards, award programs listings">

When writing a description meta tag. It's important to understand that search engines include this description with your hyperlink title. Although that are many that don't do this, you still need to select the most important wording possible for the description of your website. The better your description, the better your chances of a high ranking.

Another important thing is the number of characters (words) you use depending on the topic of your website. A well written description should have 200 to 250 characters (including spaces) per sentence. However, it's also important to keep that description as short as possible to avoid having any part of it left out of the search engine index. Be sure that you place the meta tag itself at the top of the page. Again, you will need to do some brainstorming to make sure you use what will work for your website best.

<meta name="description" content="A prestigious award program awarding Personal, Business and Non-Profit websites from all over the globe!">

Linking Strategies

In some cases, there are websites like yourself and your website, who tell you they are willing to add a link to your website in exchange for a link on your website to theirs. These can, and often are, good strategies to follow. I've use this method on occasion myself.

There are also websites designed by individuals like ourselves who create a website for offering an index of websites to the public. These are often free and only require you to submit the information such as: the correct URL to your website and a description of your website.

However, the usual is not always the best way to go. As these types of websites often close their doors and are never heard from again. So it's best to continually check the links by keeping a link on your website back to theirs.

Traditional Strategies

This is what is considered "old media" strategies, and are not so much used anymore. But it never hurts to look at all the opinions that you might have for use when promoting your website.

This is a no-brainer that is most often overlooked, and it can be of great help in promotion. The idea is to place your URL on Stationery, Cards, and Literature. If you write letters, hand out business cards or other types of cards, create literature for advertising, then this is a great way to help get the word out about your website. Anyone reading the information on these items will get curious if nothing else and take a look at your website.

For especially the business website, don't rule out advertisement in classified ads, trade journals, and newspapers, etc. These can and often do offer a very well range of getting that business website advertised to other surrounding areas. As these methods often carry your ad to neighboring cities and towns.

Also, for the business website ad. Use a two-step approach that (1) gets or captures the readers attention, and (2) in the ad itself, give the URL where the reader may obtain more information. If your business is doing well enough, you might want to try television ads as well, making sure the website URL is included somewhere within the ad.


E-Mail Strategies

Don't neglect e-mail as an important way to bring people to your website. Just don't spam. That is, don't send bulk unsolicited e-mails without permission to people. It's not only rude, but unnecessary as well.

The best way to do this is sent e-mails to people you know. This often encourages them to visit your website. More importantly, they usually don't mind the advertisement of your website at the bottom.

To send the ad within your e-mail, create a signature file that can easily be brought up in your e-mail by calling up into the e-mail itself. To do this, you need a separate file or you can create in your e-mail program. The programs that support this are AOL, Netscape, and Outlook. Outlook Express also supports signatures.

If you choose to create your own signature within the program mentioned below, create it so that there is no fewer lines than 6 and no more than 8. This is true especially if you use the "Text" within the "Edit Signature" part.

To create a signature, simply follow these steps: (In Outlook Express)

1. Click on "Tool", then "Options". The "Options" window appears.

2. Click on the tab that says "Signature".

The image below shows you all the options to creating your signature. As you can see, I choose to create a separate file. But you do not have to go by this, as you can create a short and nice signature within this tab by choosing the "Text" in the "Edit Signature" part of this tab.
Outlook Express Options Window

Another way to send advertisement by e-mail is to capture visitor e-mail address. But before actually using these, request permission to send updates to them. Most people, including myself, dislike getting e-mail that they didn't give permission to receive to the sender. In other words, always seek the persons permission before sending them ads about your website, or sending them updates on the website.

Another way is to offer a newsletter through the website itself. This is usually done by adding a small form to your website on the home page, or on a contact page that uses a form for contacting you. However, if you use this method, make use you are clear within the "Privacy Statement" what they are signing up for and where it's located on the website.

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