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I had applied and received several awards for the Native American website that I built, and decided that it was such a nice honor to receive and started trying to create my own award program. Morning Star's Award Program was founded by accident when I discovered that a person could apply for other people's awards back on July 15, 1997. Though webpages took me forever to build back then, I managed to launch the program on January 1, 1998.

Because I didn't know about meta tags and many other things back then, there were absolutely no winners from 1998 through 2001. In 2002, I began adding the meta tags and advertising the award program on different websites to build up its popularity. Even then, I had very few applications.

At one time, this award program resided on the Native American website at Young Blood's & Morning Star's Home of Information, and was recognized for it's out standing performance as such. But with time, came the decision to separate the two because I felt that the two didn't mix well together.  Turning this program into a stand alone award program in 2002 was one of the best things I could have done, as it seemed to strive on its own much better.

In 1999, I receive my first affiliation recognition, and began applying to others as time passed. Today, Morning Star's Award Program is in good standings with several affiliations and listings websites that have proven to help this award program survive the test of time.

In 2003, I had dropped the affiliations due to problems that were somewhat uncontrollable. By 2004, I had discovered that the affiliations were more help to the award program than I had cared to admit, and reapplied to the same one's again for affiliation. Morning Star's Award Program is now a member of several more affiliations then originally, and growing once again. In the past two years, it has received a few upgrades in rating and I am proud of those accomplishments.

From 1998 to 2003, this award program had given approximately 400 awards to different websites, many of which have since closed, and are no longer listed in the "Winners Circle".  From 2003 to present, there have only been approximately 250 awards given due to a sickness in the family, as I also take care of my husband of over 20 years after having a heartache in 2000.

For this year, 2005, so far I have receive 107 applications, which is more than received in the last two years. I'm happy to have this award program growing once again, and will continue to keep it open to the publish for hopefully a long time to come.

Morning Star's Award Program has been on a slow, but steady come back for the past few years. I'm proud of the information that I offer here for the public, and plan to do more research for future informative pages in different topics concerning website design, awards program building and other topics.

It has been a pleasure serving the Internet community for the past several years, and I hope to serve them even longer with information and award giving. I've enjoyed these years of service, and giving websites from all over the globe a change to come to apply for my award. To all who come, both present and past, I wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors, both on and off the Internet.

Please feel free to take a look around, and enjoy your visit at Morning Star's Award Program. I'm sure you won't be sorry you did. Also, please take a few minutes to view my winners websites. I'm sure they will appreciate you stopping by.


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