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This self test is in no way submitted to me unless you choose to send it, which may be done by copying and pasting it to an email for questions regarding this self test.  An email link is provided at the bottom of the self test for this purpose.

This Self-Test is provided as a tool to help determine if your web site passes the criteria for the Morning Star's Award Program.  The self test is based on the percentage of the questions answered correctly.  If you obtained a score of 90% or higher, it appears your web site is ready to be evaluated.  This Self-Test does not guarantee that you will win my award.  Please make sure you read my criteria, disqualifications, and all other parts of the criteria and/or information pertaining to the award itself on this web site before continuing to the application.

When you answer a question correctly, you will see a green checkmark (Green Checkmark) at the end of the question. When you answer a questions incorrectly, you will see a red x (Red X) at the end of the questions. Once you have completed the self test, click of the button that says "Show Score" to see your results. There will be a small popup window that gives you your score and the recommendation as to what you might do before applying to this award program.

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Personal, Business & Non-Profit Web Sites need to answer the following questions.

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