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Review & Notification Processes


Review Process

All fields on the application form are important and should be filled out completely with the proper information regarding your website and/or any other information asked for. If there is some critical portion of the application which was not filled out correctly, you will not be eligible to receive my award.

Your web site will be reviewed/evaluated in the following manner:

Visit #1 is to confirm the link you sent is correct and functioning properly; and, take a look at part of your website for verifying purposes. Once I have verified your URL and basic qualifications, you will receive a "Reference Number" so that you may keep track of your progress during the evaluation process.


Visit #2 is to check for Purpose, Self Impression, Creativity/Idea, Design/Content, Programming and Award Presentation, as well as Navigation. I also check the HTML portion of the pages. This includes checking all scripting, applets, etc. (See the "Scoring System" information on this page.) If you pass this check point of the evaluation process, your chances of winning an award are high.


Visit #3 is to read over your website content, checking for any deductions and make my final calculations decision. (See the "Deductions Criteria" on the Criteria's page for information.)


The review/evaluation will take approximately four to six (4 to 6) weeks depending on the number of applications I received. Please have patience. If your review requires an extended amount of time to complete, you will be notified of the same.

If your website wins my award, I calculate your points earned and then prepare the award for sending it to you. Once the award is prepared and the date the award was won on the image, I send it to you with a notification email with all the information you need for posting the award on your website.

The final decision is non-negotiable and any applicant has the option of either accepting the award or not accepting the award. If an applicant chooses to accept the award, they agree to post it to their awards won page and link the award itself to this award program website.

If an applicant chooses to not accept the award, they must notify me so that I can remove their listing from my winners circle.

Evaluations are done in the order in which I receive them and are posted on the "Status" page in the order in which they are receive.

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Notification Process

The Notification process happens in the following way:

Your website will be compared to the SET criteria. No Exceptions!

Those who qualified for my award will be provided their award when the review/evaluation process is completed. If you website did not qualify, I will notify you of same and invite you to re-apply in 45 days, providing your website has been modified to meet the criteria.

If your website is put into query for evaluation, you will receive a Nominee Badge that I will ask you to display on your awards won page until such time that you are notified of the results. Further information will be included in the email notification of your website being placed into query for evaluation.

If you win my award and still wish to receive comments on how to improve your website, I will also provide assistance with that, but only by request.

Once an applicant has posted the award won to their awards won page, they must notify me so that I may check the award posting for errors and incorrectness of any type. Failure to notify me within a 7 day period will automatically result in the listing being removed from my winners circle. They are also required to provide a direct URL to the page on which the award is posted and/or any other pages that involve the same.

If you are disqualified, you will be notified of the same. I include "Explanations" in the email in an effort to help you understand why you were disqualified. These explanations are only how you might improve on your website, and are not a demand for the changes to be made. Whether you make any improvements to your website is strictly up to you.


I reserve the right to remove anyone from my winners circle if I discover they have altered the presented image at any time.


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