Hi Morning Star,

First let me say thank you for allowing me the privilege to evaluate your site for this award, it's not easy to win and many do not but...drum roll...Congratulations! You site has qualified for the WM8C's Ham Links Stamp of Excellence Award. You site is extremely well done, very easy to navigate and a great addition to the world wide web. I can see you have spent a lot of time perfecting your site. Once again, Congratulations!

I really enjoyed my visit and I also loved the clean layout and versatility in your design! Thanks for sharing some interesting information on your awards program with all of us through your website. Well done!


WM8C's Ham Links

PS... your website is great but unfortunately website award sites don't do well against the "original content" criteria. I gave you some credit for the HTML instruction you provided.

Received 11/17/05

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