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Guide to rated website awards in levels, best sites in Halls of Recognition and TopNotch Site, tutorials, free resources, articles, and Assembly forum."><meta name="privacy" content="All provided information, including email addresses, for internal purposes only and not provided to any third party. Also, no information from children under 14 has knowingly been gathered and is against the rules of AWARD SITES!

Join WebsAwards Today

Indexing your Award Programs as the best on the Internet, award resources, apply for quality awards and more.

The Awards Awards

The World's Largest Web Directory for Award Pages, a great resource for award seekers, including the TOP TEN most awarded personal homepages.

Eberline's HTML School

A site with web images/graphics for personal home web sites. I offer buttons and bars, background sets, textured backgrounds and information about building a personal web site. And it is all free as long as you agree to my Terms of Use.  There are also tutorials on many web site design topics.

Trust Worthy Web Site Certification

Certifying web sites showing the ?Trust Worthy Website?. Rest assured that these web sites are amongst the ?Best of the Best? web sites on the internet. See the site for more details.

Website Awards

Find numerous articles about awards written by members of the award community, which offer helpful suggestions to both the award giver and award seeker. They also list awards programs.

United Web Site Award Givers

Offers ratings levels, resources, UWSAG Seal of Approval and members forum. They also have an excellent resource page that gives information on a verity of topics.

WebTech University for free HTML, CSS and PSP Tutorials. Work at your own pace with assistance from your own personal instructor.

Diskus Award Index International f?r Awards

The DAI is an index of valuable award programs of German and English award givers. To make it possible to enjoy award giving as a hobby also for new award masters, we have created our criteria in such a way, that also new award programs can join Diskus Award Index. Award programs can earn badges in five levels: level 1 up to level 5. Please read our general criteria and level criteria carefully.

AWARD - Association for Web Awards, Rating & Development

Your award program will be reviewed with  total impartiality, considering, especially, the content. You do not have to be a website designer or a webmaster to see  your  work  valued  in our association.

The Smokin' Award(TM) AP

With an updated version of the brilliant and free AwardStat available, this excellent award program utility will more than meet your statistical requirements! No award program can be fully complete without the display of your statistics using this little item! Drop by AwardStat and create your program statistics today.

Join Project Honey Pot

Project Honey Pot is the first and only distributed system for identifying spammers and the spambots they use to scrape addresses from your website. Visit their website for more details.

APEX - Association for Positive Ethical eXchange

APEX - The Association for Positive Ethical eXchange where their purpose is to increase the credibility and professionalism of all web site owners, designers and users in setting ethical standards, encouraging professional practices and promoting fellowship amongst Internet users.

Awards Treasure Chest

Provides services to the Awards Community to help make the internet a better and safer place for all.

Kit Awards

The program aims to reward the creativity, the effort, the devotion, the beauty, the content and to recognize the arduous work of the Webmaster/Webmistress.


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